About AMF

About Ashwin Maharaj

Born on the 6th of February 1993, Ashwin Maharaj Ramasubramanian was the son of Dr. D. Ramasubramanian and R. Manonmani. He grew up in a congenial environment where he was given complete freedom by his father and was raised with utmost regard for moral values by his mother. From a very young age, Ashwin strived to excel in academics and in football.


While in the last two years of his school life he found a calling – ‘his passion for becoming a lawyer.’ Following the footsteps of his grandfather Justice S. Maharajan, he pursued law at one of Indias top law universities – Jindal Global Law School.


Even as a student, Ashwin was actively involved in helping the weaker sections of the society. During one of his internships in Mumbai, he was instrumental in filing a public interest litigation on behalf of 350 under-priveleged students who were about to lose their education due to lack of funding. Ashwin left no stone unturned in seeking justice for these kids and ensured that they were admitted back into school.


“Maharaj” as he was popularly known with friends, captained and coached his football teams from school and college. He even used football as a medium to teach english to local orphanages regularly.


In March 2015, Maharaj was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He obtained a perfect match and went through a stem cell transplant which gave him and all of us hope of his survival. This hope and faith gave him the strenth to fight AML with honour.


Ashwin’s priorities were always to serve the society and stand up for what is right. Even during his struggles with chemotherapy he wanted to beat cancer and help spread awareness about stem cell transplant, promote legal awareness for the common man and help other cancer patients in rehabilitation through music therapy and meditation.

About the Foundation

The Ashwin Maharaj Foundation is a social venture which focusses on the following:
1. Stem Cell Transplant Awareness
2. Patient Rehabilitation
3. Legal Awareness